Please see the ‘Practice Rules have been updated…. Practice Rules WJMC
Notice: the track is closed on the 19th of

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May due to the effects of the weather condi
tions. Please check back to see if it will be open on Thursday. 
  •  Club Run #3 is on this Sunday the 14th of June, pits open at 6am
  • Registration & Sign On Starting at 6:15am outside the Canteen  (you will need your riders with you as they will require a wristband to get through Machine Examination and your Licence, Log book Juniors Only) and Club Membership Card. Once you have completed Sign On you will need to go to Machine Examination with your bike and full riding gear, helmet must be on rider so it can be checked for fit.
  • Machine exam will close at 7:30am sharp followed by Riders Brief at 7:45am.
  • Ride fees are $20 for Demo Class, $35 Competition Class and an extra class is $20.
    In regards to Pitting we have closed Pits at Club Runs so everyone is required to pit in the Pit Area. As for Pit Bays some long term members already have pit bays that they have been allocated in previous years so if you haven’t been allocated one it is wise to bring a long a Pit Shade/Tent, however if after Practice there are some free please feel free to use them on the day.

WJMC Membership Application 2015

Calender – 2015


 2014 Final Results

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 It would seem that some people don’t understand the ‘Practice Rules’. Please download the following document and read it, its for yours and others
safety while at the track. Practice Rules WJMC


Please e-mail Dean Stocker if you would like to sell any of your unwanted gear/motorbikes. I will need photos and the write-up for the item to be sold, e-mail to dskcstocker@gmail.com