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Licensing through MWA allows opportunities to ride both 2 wheeler and quad machines in a range of events

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About Us

TRACK VIDEO WJMC-Constitution Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club caters for motocross enthusiasts 4-19yo and their families.  Our aim is to provide a fun and safe social environment for families with children who love riding motorcycles.  We include 2 wheeler and quad disciplines at our junior club. WJMC is a non-profit organisation entirely run and maintained by […]


Wanneroo Junior Motorcycle club hosts a range of events for members and riders from other clubs. For event related information contact our Race Secretary: Nicole Martin 0417 947 137, Email :


2017 Results Of Club Events Overall 1st Three Places 2017 Highest Points Overall 2017 PERPETUAL WINNERS 2017 Participation Trophies 2017 50cc Demo 2017 50cc Auto 2017 65cc 2017 85cc SW 2017 85cc LW 2017 125cc 2017 250cc 2017 U19’s 2017 Quad 90cc-125cc 2017 Quad 200cc-300cc 2017


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Welcome Video

As a first time applicant you will be required to do a written multiple choice exam and a practical ride assessment to be signed off by one of our testing officials.The idea behind the assessments is not to gauge your level of speed or race ability but to ensure competency for you to be put into a race environment and be safe for all competitors. We have all levels racing – from WA’s best down to the rest of us!

Club Fees

Family Club Membership                                               $200 Annually
Pit Bay Fee If Allocated (waiting List Applies)               $20 Annually
Permitted Practice (Including Key)                                $100 Annually

Busy bees levies apply (3) busy bees are mandatory or $100 Per Busy Bee.

All memberships expire on the 31st December of that year.

Further details can be found on the Membership Page of this website.

Practice on the track only during non-competition days.

The track has a 24 hour 7 day a week practice permit that allows members to use it on any day at any time.

LIFE MEMBERS 1976-2017


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