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Licensing through MWA allows opportunities to ride both 2 wheeler and quad machines in a range of events

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All ages

Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club caters for motocross enthusiasts 4-19 and their families

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Membership and License Info 

 1.    Join an MWA Affiliated club.

2     Club Membership cost are $200 per family / Permitted Practice fee is $100 / Pit Bays (when available) are $20 per year.

 3     Busy Bees: 3 busy bees per family per year or $100 per busy bee. Some members opt for this and pay $300 at registration.

4     Associate Membership is $75.00. They get 3 club runs per membership. They are not permitted to practice at all on Associate Membership but DON’T have to do busy bees.

5     One Day race licence can only be obtained for a Junior if they have a current log book or any Senior rider over the age of 16. You will need to see the Race Secretary for these.

       One Day Competition licence is $75.00 (used if they want to compete in an event)

       One Day Recreation licence is $30.00 (used for Go Moto’s, or non competition days so no log book required)

      There are 3 type of licences for Junior riders:

  • Junior National Licence is a competition licence that will allow you to participate in National Events, State Championships, Club Events and recreational riding,  ( (MUST  7 years of age to obtain)

  • Junior Restricted is a restricted licence that will allow you to participate in Moto Trials, Pocket Bikes, Fast 50’s,( MUST be 7 years of age to obtain).

  • Mini Recreational is a non-competitive licence that will allow you to participate in training day and recreational riding (FROM 4 to under 16 years of age)

Licence Fees

Junior National Licence:  $295.00

Junior Restricted Licence :  $140.00

Mini Recreational Licence:  $130.00

As a first time applicant you will be required to do a written multiple choice exam and a practical ride assessment to be signed off by one of our testing officials.

The idea behind the assessments is not to gauge your level of speed or race ability but to ensure competency for you to be put into a race environment and be safe for all competitors. We have all levels racing – from WA’s best down to the rest of us!

Membership Enquiry

License Types: There are 3 types of licenses for Junior riders

       –     Junior National Licence is a competition licence that will allow you to participate in National Events, State Championships, Club Events and recreational riding. This is valid for riders aged 7 years and Under 16 years (as at 1st January). All riders must complete the 5 hour Kickstart coaching by a qualified coach. Once riders have joined the club they do not get charged for this coaching. The coach will sign off a kickstart book which they will need to send to MWA to obtain the log book that is mandatory by MWA/MA to obtain a competitive licence. They will then only need to do a competency test by a coach when they want to upgrade to a larger CC bike. They must have their log book at every event they participate in including a club run along with their current licence.

       –     Mini Recreational Licence is a non-competitive licence that will allow you to participate in training days and recreational riding (Must be from 4 to under 16 years of age). This licence allows those in Division 1 to compete but no points are allocated for this class as it’s a non competition class. Those older than divi 1 class and are under 16 can use this licence to practice only, no racing whatsoever.

Licence Fees (for a year):

Junior National Licence $295.00

Mini Recreational Licence $130.00  (This licence can be upgraded to a Junior Nationals Licence and pay the difference)

Senior National Licence are for riders 16 years or older. This will allow them to compete in Opens, National events, State Championships, Club and Interclub events. Seniors do not need to complete a 5 hour Kickstart.

If a rider is still 15 years of age as of the 1st January they are still a Junior. If they turn 16 in say February they can remain a Junior for the year or upgrade a licence to Senior and pay the difference. Once they have upgraded to Senior though they can then NOT compete as a Junior ever again.

Senior National Licence $320.00

Competition Licences can only be obtained online through MWA. At the start of the year, licences can take up to a few weeks to come back as they are extremely busy. So best to warn new licence holders that they can take longer to obtain at the start of the year.

Discounts are applied for more than one rider per family through MWA licence.

Information that must be included with their licence application are:

  • Relevent fee

  • Copy of birth certificate

  • Proof of club membership card

  • 5 hour Kickstart documents including all questions answered

Permitted Practice

Anybody wanting to obtain a key for the track must have the following:

  • Paid the $100 Practice fee

  • Have a current first aid certificate

  • Have a current Practice Supervisors Licence

For people not holding these they will need to do the first aid course first. Once they have their first aid certificate they can then sit the Practice Supervisors course which is an online course. Its $20 to do and is found on the MWA website.

They can not run a practice session with either of those having expired.

NO Current licence or first aid, NO Key.

 Track Opening:

The track is almost always open to members with a key. The only time it is closed is:

  • The Thursday and/or Friday before a club run for track prep.

  • From the Monday before an Open event (Kid of the sand and Back to Wanneroo)

  • If there is a coaching school booked in.

  • If there has been some damage to the track or the weather is not good.

  • The President will advise of any more closures if required.

Extra Information:

Demos: We give demo riders a free membership for their first year of racing. This is only if they have never been a club member before. If they have an older sibling signed or signing up as well then they have to pay for the family membership.

The age of the classes are below:

  • 4-U9 50cc Demo (Divi 1)

  • 7-U9 50cc Auto (Divi 2)

  • 7-U12 65cc (2 stroke)

  • 9-U12 85cc (small wheel)

  • 12-U16 85cc (big wheel)

  • 13-U16 125cc

  • 13-U16 250cc

  • 16-U19 250cc (U19s class)

Plate colours are:

  • Under 9 Mid Blue backing with White Numbers

  • 9 – U12 Canary Yellow backing with Black Numbers

  • 12 – U14 Mail Box Red backing with White Number

  • 14 – U16 Black backing with Yellow Numbers


For additional information regarding membership, please contact our wonderful Membership Registrar: Cindy on 0409929434 or Email

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Kidsport Financial Assistance

Riders may be eligible for financial assistance from your local shire via Kidsport.  Click below for more information (Shire of Wanneroo, if you reside in another shire please see them for information)