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Club History

Welcome to Pinjar Park, the home of the Wanneroo Junior Motocross Club

Our club has a long history and has been dedicated to the development of junior riders. The Wanneroo Mini-Bike Club was founded in 1973 with 6 ‘old fashioned parents’ who cared for their children. When two lads collided whilst riding their trail bikes at Gooseberry Hill, there was an outcry of ‘ban mini-bikes’, ‘pass legislation to have them registered’, ‘insist that councils set aside land for trail bike enthusiasts ‘ etc etc. The cry was always for others to do something about it. These parents chose to do something and create a safe area for their kids to ride.

At that time it was called the Wanneroo Mini Bike Club and they rode out at Pipidinny Road beach dunes near Yanchep. Back in those days 50cc did not compete, only practiced, and 80cc were the biggest machines competing mainly on stock and modified 4 stroke bikes. When 80cc and 100cc 2 stroke bikes were introduced in the late 70’s, the club moved around several times until they finally secured the land where the track is situated today at Pinjar Park from the Wanneroo Shire.

In 1981 and 1984 Wanneroo Motocross Club hosted the Australian Junior Motocross Championships. This was the last time 80cc and 100cc MX sidecar classes where seen at Pinjar Park. Changes to the motorcycle construction allowed Supercross to influence track design and introduce junior 125cc racing classes. In the late 80’s, the Peewee 50 class was introduced allowing children as young as 4 to compete. Another change to occur at this time was the introduction of lowering the age of a junior rider from 17 years to 16 years.

The Club, now affiliated with Motorcycling Western Australia, still boasts around 100 members and uncannily still moulds legends like our most recent, Regan Duffy and Kayden Minear, to past legends such as Terry Nock, David Cheshire, Jason Mashall, Lee Hogan, David Wright, Ivan Safranek, Josh Maley (WA’s most famous freestyle Crusty Demon) and Caleb Grothues.

Wanneroo would have to have one of the best breeding grounds of champions in the state if you consider all the past champions above. Let’s hope that this continues to become an on-going tradition at this club.


At a Glance

As a first time applicant you will be required to do a written multiple choice exam and a practical ride assessment to be signed off by one of our testing officials.
The idea behind the assessments is not to gauge your level of speed or race ability but to ensure competency for you to be put into a race environment and be safe for all competitors. We have all levels racing – from WA’s best down to the rest of us!


Club Membership cost are $200 per family / Permitted Practice fee is $100 / Pit Bays (when available) are $20 per year.

Junior National Licence

a competition licence that will allow you to participate in National Events, State Championships, Club Events and recreational riding.

Mini Recreational Licence

a non-competitive licence that will allow you to participate in training day and recreational riding.