Come and join us at WJMC for our Club Run

Pits Open: 5:45am
Sign On & Machine Examination: 6:00am to 07:15am
Canteen & Bar Facilities available
Everyone must supply a flaggie

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WJMC Perth Metro Sup Regs 2021

For more information please email the club

Pitting and setting up

• Please find your allocated Pit Bay. If you have not been allocated a pit bay, please find a spot under the trees or put up your shade in the pit area. You can set up your bikes / table and chairs as required.
• Closed Pits only – this means that you are not allowed to pit anywhere except in the pit area in the middle of the track.
• Please take note that there is to be NO flame of any sort in the pit area. This includes NO smoking and NO barbeques of any sort.
• Closed shoes are to be worn at all times in the pit area. This is for your own safety.

Sign on

• Once you have set yourselves up, please come up to the canteen where we will sign your children on for the day. Your child will need to be with you as they will need a wrist band fitted.
• There will be 2 tables – one for signing on for flag duties which each club member must do before moving to the next table which is where the riders sign on sheets will be with our Race Secretary.
• You will need to have your childs MWA Licence and Club Membership Card, as these will need to be sighted during sign on.
• Please ensure that you know what class you are riding in. This saves time and confusion on the start line and will ensure that you do not miss your event.
• Once you have signed on and paid, the rider will be given a coloured wrist band fitted to his arm by a WJMC official.


• When you have paid and got your wrist band, please take you bike and your full riding gear(helmet, boots, chest protector) and Log Book to the scrutineering shed.
• The scrutineers, who all have MWA official qualifications in this regard, will check your bike and your full riding gear and Log Book. There are a lot of rules and regulations regarding the bikes and full riding gear and the scrutineers have a duty of care to check them properly.
• If they reject your bike / full riding gear for whatever reason or ask you to change something and adjust something, please do not be upset. This is for your own safety and the safety of the other riders on the track. Often you can just make the adjustment and return with your bike to be scrutineered again.

Riders briefing

• Following the sign on and scrutineering, we will have a riders briefing. Please come up to the grassed area in front of the play ground equipment.
• ALL riders and their parents/guardians are required to attend the riders briefing.
• The officials for the day will address you with certain issues of which you need to be aware.
• The ride order will be written up on the white board that is usually placed at the entrance to the pre-start area.


• All persons that have signed on flags will be required at this point to make their way to the scrutineering shed for the a brief run-down on what is expected of them whilst out on the track.
• Morning flags will then be issued with hi-vis vest and flags.
• Afternoon flags will be instructed on when they are expected back at the scrutineering shed for change out of morning flags.
• Please ensure that you have a hat and sunscreen as it is often hot out on the track.
• Water will be supplied by the flag co-ordinator whilst you are out on the track during the course of your duties.
• Remember that flagging is an important part of the day’s event. You are the first observer of a rider falling and you need to be there to warn other riders if the imminent danger on the track ahead.


• We have closed pits unless advised otherwise. Everyone must pit in the pit area.
• Vehicles can enter pits prior to commencement of the event and must be parked in the allocated carpark.
• Vehicles are not permitted to enter the ambulance chute until the final race has been completed.
• You must have closed footwear in the pits.
• There is to be no smoking in pit area, canteen area, bar area.
• Riders must dismount the bike and walk their bike back to into the pit area.


• Following the riders briefing, the racing will start with Practice which is usually 2 Laps.
• After Practice racing commences with 3 races for each class (time permitting).
• Listed below is an example of how the race order may appear. It could change on the day depending on the number of riders we have in each class, so please ensure that you check with the race order board for the day.

1. 50cc Div 2 (ages 7 to U9yrs)
2. 50cc Div 1 / Demo riders (ages 4 to U9yrs).
3. 50cc Demo Quads (ages 5 to U9yrs)
4. 65cc (ages 7yrs to U12yrs)
5. 90cc – 125 cc Quads (ages 7 to U13 yrs)
6. 85cc 2-stroke and 150 4-stroke Standard Wheel (ages 9 to U12 yrs)
7. 125cc (ages 13 to U16 yrs)
8. 85cc 2- stroke Large wheel (ages 13 to U16)
9. 128cc – 150cc 2-stroke and 250cc 4-stroke (ages 13 to U16 yrs)
10. 200cc – 300cc Quads (ages 12 to U16 yrs)
11. U19’s (ages 16 to U19)

Should you have any questions about the club or the day’s events, please do not hesitate to ask.